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Game of Thrones Northern Ireland Locations

Whether you are from House Stark, Lannister, Greyjoy, Targaryen or Tyrell, the Game of Thrones locations are right on our doorstep and will get anyone excited! We are big Game of Thrones fans at the hotel and our team are always happy to chat about the show & direct you to locations or provide you with more information on the themed tours. 

Just a short drive from the hotel the HBO critically acclaimed phenomenon has shot many scenes for the series along the North West of Ireland.

If you would prefer a guided tour option of these locations, there is a NEW Game of Thrones Tours now offering a Legenderry Iron Islands tour.  This tour leaves from Derry City Tourist Information Office every Saturday morning. It is led by guides who have actually appeared in the show themselves!

The Legenderry tour also gives Throne fans the chance to dress up in Iron Born costumes with swords and shields, so you can act out battle scenes in costume!

Or if you want explore the Game of Thrones locations at your own leisure check out the below list of key spots that are just are just a drive from our hotel. 

Ballintoy Harbour

The scenes where Theon Greyjoy returns to the Iron Islands were filmed in Ballintoy Harbour.

An 1hr 17min drive from DV's. 

Downhill Beach

The beach at Downhill was used as location for filiming the Burning of the Seven Idols of Westeros.

Just a 48 minutes drive from DV's.

Larrybane Quarry

Larrybane Quarry was used as Renly Baratheon's war camp in the Stormlands.

A 1hr 18 minutes drive from DV's. 

Dark Hedges

One of the most visually amazing scences of season 2, the Dark Hedges were filmed as the Kingsroad.

An 1hr 7 minutes drive from DV's. 

Binevenagh Mountain

This is the location filmed as the Dothraki Sea far above the city of Meereen. It’s where Daenerys is rescued by Dragon.

Only 44 minutes drive from DV's. 

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