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Q&A with our Head Chef David Hasson

In January 2017, Da Vinci’s Hotel welcomed David Hasson as our new Head Chef looking after The Grillroom Restaurant, Main Bar, Meeting and Events and of course Room Service.  Since then, he has been busy building his kitchen team and writing inspiring, seasonal menus.


David has only been our Head Chef for about 4 months but he is no stranger to the Da Vinci’s Hotel family.  David has worked in our kitchen in between travelling to Canada and Australia.  We are delighted to have him back to the hotel as Head Chef to lead the hotel’s culinary offering.

We sat down with David to find out what inspires him and discover his journey to become Head Chef.


What’s your earliest food memory?
My father is a butcher, I always remember him coming home with steaks as a treat and my Mum cooking them.


Where did your interest in cooking come from?
Growing up my Mum was always in the kitchen, so I had an interest in cooking from an early age because of her.


How did you get started in the restaurant industry?
My first part time job was in Austin’s and at that time I applied for the Irish Army.  I didn’t get into the army but was offered the opportunity by Anna Mc Colgan in Austin’s to do my cooking qualifications.  My father was keen on my being a chef, mostly because there was job security, he use to always say me ‘people always want to eat’.


What is the most exciting part of your job?
There is nothing better than hearing great feedback from happy customers – guest satisfaction is always upmost in my mind when creating all the new dishes and taste sensations.  I really enjoy creating my own menus using my own style and influences.  The team around me makes the job exciting, they are a great bunch and make my job a lot easier.


What are the popular dishes on the Da Vinci’s Hotel menu?
From our Spring A La Carte Menu the most popular dish is the Daube of Beef which is served with a horseradish mash.  We slow cook the beef for twelve hours so the meat just melts in your mouth.

In our Main Bar we have a new all day gastro menu and the most popular dish from this menu is the Shepherd’s Pie.  The pie is made from seasonal spring lamb with organic vegetables and it is presented in a tin case and served with chunky chips.  It is a really hearty dish which looks great on the plate which is why I think it so popular.


What is your favourite ingredient that you absolutely cannot do without?
It would have to be Garlic because it is a great background flavour.  Garlic is also versatile, it tastes different depending on how it is cooked.


What would be your last supper?
My sister’s lasagne, it is her own secret recipe.  It is a family tradition that everyone gets one of her lasagnes for their birthdays and she always cooks it for family get togethers.


What is your guilty food pleasure?
An Indian Takeaway because I love spicy food.


What advice would you give to the average home cook who’s looking to expand their skills and repertoire?
Take your time in planning, be organised, don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t work first time. Enjoy the process and learn by your mistakes.


To find out more about Da Vinci’s Hotel and to view the current menus, visit here.

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